Nicholas County Circuit Clerk

Information about the Nicholas County Circuit Clerk's office


Nicholas County Circuit Clerk

700 Main Street, Suite 5

Summersville, West Virginia  26651

Office Numbers: 304.872-7861, 7859, 7858, 7810

Fax: 304.872.7863




Debbie Facemire, Circuit Clerk  

     Circuit Clerks are elected for a period of six years and their duties and responsibilities are set by statute. The Clerk is authorized to appoint deputy clerks who take the same Oath of Office as the Clerk.

     The Circuit Clerk plays an important role in three aspects of our Judicial System. The Clerk is the Registrar, Recorder, and Custodian of all pleadings, documents and funds pertaining to cases filed in the Circuit Court.

     Under the direction of the Court, the Clerk creates and manages the Petit and Grand Jury Systems; randomly selects panels for attendance; qualifies and summons, monitors attendance and mileage for reimbursement for all jurors. Terms of Court are in January, May and September of each year.

     The office keeps the records of all Civil Cases, Felonies, Misdemeanors, Mental Hygiene, Juvenile, Divorces, Annulment, Separate Maintenance, Paternity, Grandparent Visitation and Domestic Violence. We receive Appeals from Magistrate Court, Municipal Court and Administrative Agencies, excluding Workers' Compensation Appeals.

     The Clerk is also the Fee Officer. The Clerk is Authorized by Statute to collect various costs associated with cases and hold and disburse other types of payments such as bonds and restitution. The Clerks' office is also an authorized passport agent.

     Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m., located on the 2nd floor of the courthouse.