​                                                                                                           Ordinances

Nicholas County has no zoning regulations in effect other than that which is enacted and enforced within the city limits of Summersville and Richwood. 

We do however want to bring to your attention in April 1994 Nicholas County was reinstated into the National Flood Insurance Program. Therefore, any person undertaking new construction, substantial improvement, the placement of relocation of any structure (including manufactured homes), will need to apply with our permit officer to decide if location is within a flood plain. Annette Taylor is Nicholas County’s Flood Plain Administrator. She can be reached at 304.872.7893 should you have any questions. 

A permit is also required from the Nicholas County Health Department for septic systems. Please call the Health Department at 304-872-5329  ext. 0 

Nicholas County has six county ordinances. To view these ordinances click the following -

If you are in need of any information concerning the above Ordinances, please feel free to contact our office at 304.872.7830.