Background On Why The  ADA Guidelines Is Used For The ADA User


​​This information is in response to the need for an approach to satisfy the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirement that the website "Nicholas County (NCC) WV" be more compliant to the "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines"  (WCAG) 2.0.


 This ADA requirement can be thought of the same way ADA requirements for ADA compliant sidewalks, building entrances, bathrooms, etc.


  • GODADDY is where the site is built.
  • The product NCC uses at GODADDY is Web Builder 7.0.
  • The tool does most of the work for web compliance look and feel.
  • The Chrome web browser that allows you to look at the site, also provides a number of tools to be used by people that are for instance visually impaired. 
  • The ADA user may need to learn how to use the computer tools  that are inherent in Chrome to access the NCC site, such as a text magnifier.
  • If the ADA user has a problem, they need to be able to contact someone at NCC.
  • The NCC person has written procedures to follow to help resolve any questions from the user who has the ADA type of disabilities.


 To make the site more ADA compliant, four steps were added for the site. The four steps are: 

  • A description of tools to guide people on how to use their computer like the browser CHROME, video player, etc. to help them  access the website information from an ADA perspective..
  • Provide alternative manual procedures / instructions on who to contact if the person has an ADA challenge that cannot be satisfied with the above solution.
  • Provide a situation to the ADA person that shows what they want / need is a valid request to NCC.
  • Monitor for any future changes that need to be added or enhanced for the ADA user.