Guidance Index For The ADA User

The County of Nicholas County is committed to ensuring reasonable accessibility of its website to people with disabilities and is actively working to increase the reasonable accessibility and usability of the website by adhering to available standards and guidelines. 

The County of Nicholas County does not discriminate in its programs and services on the basis of religion, age, race, color, national origin, gender, marital or parental status, or disability.

To assist the user of this site that has disabilities, the user assistance can be broken down in to the following areas.

Overview of the



                                        - Overview of the manual procedures to assist the ADA user wanting                                                  assistance to resolve their own ADA issue. 

Technical ‚ÄčAssistance  - Technical assistance for the ADA user.

Background                    - Background on why the ADA guidelines is used for the ADA user.

Web Content



(WCAG) 2.1.                     - ADA Guidelines that have been  followed for the development of this                                               site.

Quick Technical Tips     - Some quick technical tips for the ADA user.