Overview of the manual procedures to aid the ADA user wanting assistance  to resolve their own ADA issue 


 I - ADA Applicant registers a request for ADA assistance and ADA registration:

  •  The individual requiring ADA assistance must first register with the administrative office contact of Nicholas County Commission (NCC) with the following people and address:

​           email us at  ncc_pattyneff@yahoo.com or
           call by telephone at 1-304-872-7830 or 
           send your request by mail, addressed to:
                   Patty Neff 
                   Suite #1 
                   700 Main St, 
                   Summersville, WV 26651  

 II - NCC acknowledges the ADA registrant request for assistance and registration and sends acknowledgement via certified letter to the ADA registrant.

 III - NCC and the ADA registrant work together over the next 45 calendar days to satisfy the needs of  the ADA applicant.

 IV - Solution is documented and a certified letter is sent to the ADA user / registrant.

 V - Any additional request or modifications require starting at step I and submitting a new form.